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Collaborative events such as symposiums, meetups, and conferences globally


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FINDI's Mission & Vision

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that will drive the systems of the future, and financial enterprises around the world are already racing to incorporate it. However, the centralized implementations these institutions are pursuing will likely nullify the most important aspects of the technology.

FINDI (Financial Industry Decentralization Initiative) is a collaborative working group whose mission is to realize that original purpose, and bring the many benefits that public blockchains can offer to financial services, across three main dimensions:

1. Security - Further securing the flow of sensitive financial data

2. Knowledge - Enhancing the validity of critical information

3. Trust - Improving trust between consumers and financial institutions

Our Members

Founding Member

Associate Members
  • Natixis Investment Managers: George Marootian, Head of Technology
  • Principal Financial Group: Juan Manuel Vega, Chief Digital Officer - Chile
  • Marsh: Liviu Huluta, Head of Consumer & Commercial CSE Europe
  • Siglo: Isaac Phillips, Co-Founder
  • Oxycoin: Jan Willem Veldhuis, CEO
  • Bankify: Antti Tarakkamäki, Co-Founder
  • Influ Token: Jango Saleh, CEO
  • Wellthly: Alan Hart, CEO
  • Pure Carbon: Sean Connors, CEO
  • Synpulse: Mathias Hausherr, Managing Director
  • Gilga: Rodney Yesep, Fund Manager
  • Wherefor: Matteo Pallotta, Co-Founding Partner
  • Wipro: Raja Roy, HR Executive
  • Dubai International Finance Center: Pinaki Aich, Head of Group Strategy
  • The Case Group: Doug Clark, Founder
  • Digital Align: Rajesh Patil, Chief Customer Success Officer
  • Echelon One: Luke Lombe, Founder
  • Access Softek: Mark Allen, Consultant
  • TIM Blockchain: Prabhat Kumar, CEO
  • WealthTech Consult: Kerry Nicolaides, Consultant
  • Professor Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, PhD
  • Professor Sotiris Angelakis
  • Abacas Exchange: Mark vanroon
  • Storj Labs: Kevin Leffew
  • A/S Financial Services: Stafford Michel
  • Blockzero: Scott Phillips
  • Morpheus Labs Private Limited: Bruce Lu
  • TISI Singapore Pte Ltd: Senthil Kumaran
  • Mashreq Bank: Praveen Bangera
  • Rally Trade: Alagbe Simon
  • Dimade Group: Adebisi Mumin

Frequently asked questions

Enterprises, startups, crypto projects, consultants, academics, economists, governments, and NGOs.

FINDI is free to join! All current members ask is for you to be willing to dedicate time and participate.

FINDI is non-partisan, has no paying members, is chain agnostic and focuses on public blockchains only. Most importantly, FINDI will produce results, because members are individual champions within companies!

Core to FINDI's mission is to encourage decentralization.


Initial Members


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Future Members

latest news and events

Fintech Week NYC

FINDI founding member Hydrogen will be presenting at Fintech Week NYC in Times Square, NYC.

Enterprise Blockchain Forum

Conference held at NYU Kimmel Center for Enterprises interested in developing cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Blockchain Economic Forum

Mike Kane, the Executive Chairman of FINDI, spoke at the Blockchain Economic Forum in San Francisco.

Blockchain Leadership Connect

A blockchain engineering conference held during Blockchain Week NYC by IDEAS (International Data Engineers and Science Association)

Block Tank Event

Hydrogen started 'Block Tank,' a showcase for dApps. The audience took a decentralzied vote to decide the winner using a dApp built with Trust Wallet!

B-Hive Blockchain Event

B-Hive is a fin-tech hub in Belgium. At their event hosted in Times Square, NYC, Hydrogen spoke on a panel about the benefits of utilizing public blockchains.